Training for all in traditional building skills

The new programme of training in traditional building skills is now underway as part of the Townscape Heritage Initiative. Continuing on from last year, new courses will be taking place throughout the summer.

The courses already held have proved popular and have had important practical outcomes. Some courses are designed for builders and contractors, others for building professionals, and more importantly a number are for home-owners and interested people. There are no formal qualifications so no exams! In addition the cost has been kept down so they are well and truly open to everyone. Anybody who has responsibilities for the repair and maintenance of traditional building should take this opportunity to learn the right techniques and become conversant with materials used.

The courses for homeowners should be of significant assistance to people who own traditional buildings and wish to carry out regular maintenance themselves.

The courses are being provided by a number of organisations iincluding the Scottish Lime Centre, Historic Scotland, and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.

All the dates and details of the courses can be obtained from the Scottish Lime Centre and through their website, Alternatively the programme can be accessed on the Comhairle’s website under its Townscape Heritage initiative pages. You can also contact Ian Wilson, the THI Project Manager, at the Comhairle for information and a printed booklet setting out the full programme.