Transmission charging puts spotlight on Ofgem

Tomorrow (April 18) the Scottish Parliament will hold a debate to highlight the impact of proposed transmission charging on Scotland’s islands.

Aquamarine Power CEO Martin McAdam talks about tomorrow’s debate, saying: “Scotland’s islands could be a green powerhouse for the rest of the UK – but only if transmission charges are reformed by energy regulator Ofgem.

“At present the islands are expected to foot the bill for upgrading the lines which will transport the energy to where it is needed.

“Island charges are nearly eight times the cost of what projects pay on the mainland.

“Early stage marine technologies cannot bear such a disproportionate cost of transporting clean energy to the south.

“Transmission lines should be viewed as a national asset, to carry green energy from the periphery of the UK to our main centres of population.

“The Western Isles interconnector, for instance, would cost only two pence per UK household if the cost was spread evenly – and would offer vast amounts of reliable wind and wave energy which would help insulate consumers from volatile domestic electricity bills caused by fluctuations in natural gas prices.”