Tune in to see a modern crofting life

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Get a glimpse into crofting life with An Lot (THE CROFT) a new series which starts on BBC ALBA on Monday, December 7th at 8.30pm and runs until January 11th.

Donald MacSween – or Sweeny as most folk know him - is a Lewis crofter with a dream.

A proud Ness man, he is currently working part-time, but aims to change all that so he can spend more time in what he considers to be the best place in the world – Ness, and be a crofter full-time.

MacTV followed him over a year in this six-part series as he tries to make his dream become a reality.

Sweeny has had an interest in animals and crofting from a young age, and spent a lot of time with his grandfather on the family croft.

Since taking over the croft in 2005 he’s juggled the demands of the day job with crofting, but in July 2014 embarked on the next stage of his ambitious plans.

While the sheep might be Sweeny’s first love, programme one sees him take a new direction with a different type of livestock as he prepares to go into egg production in a major way with 300 new chickens.

But as the day of the chickens’ arrival looms with a trip to the mainland for Sweeny, the hen house is far from finished. Can Sweeny sort things in time?

He also has plenty of other ideas bubbling away, and all will be revealed over the coming weeks.

Follow Sweeny’s journey of ups and downs on The Croft, produced by MacTV. Will his ambitious plans all come good? Can Sweeny redefine ‘crofting’ and make a modern, full-time living off the land? Tune in and find out.