Uist cancer support group

At a recent Uist Cancer Forum meeting held in Benbecula it was suggested that the time was right to set up a support group for men on the Uists who are experiencing cancer in their lives.

To be known as the ‘Uist Men’s Cancer Support Group’ it is hoped that the group will offer mutual emotional support, as well as offering practical information and friendship.

The first meeting to sound out views is to be held on June 25th at the Meeting Room at the Dark Island Hotel at 7pm. The meeting will also welcome partners and close family members.

The Eaval Club, a support group for families affected by cancer on North Uist and Berneray formed by the late Dr John MacLeod over ten years ago has offered funding to set up the Uist Men’s group and alongside the Cancer Forum Group are offering secretarial and administrative support.

The Uist Cancer Forum and the Eaval Club have recognised for a while that there is a need for a group to support men and are pleased to be able to offer assistance to set up the Uist wide group covering from Berneray to Eriskay.

Cancer Forum member, Seumas MacDonald whose wish for a group catering for men gained the support of the Uist Cancer Forum will be at the meeting on June 25th to welcome anyone who would be interested in forming a Uist Men’s Cancer Support Group.

Seumas pointed out that he feels the group should be run on informal lines with an emphasis on friendship and support where men can talk freely between themselves in a supportive and confidential atmosphere. It is hoped to have further meetings in South Uist and North Uist in due course.

Seumas can be contacted on 01878 700577 for more information regarding the formation of the Uist Men’s Cancer Support Group.