UK airline saves the day for Mexican band

A MEXICAN Mariachi band have thanked a UK airline for saving the day after a last minute change to their schedule.

The performers were visiting Exeter when they received a call to play in Stornoway, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, tonight (Friday 16th May).

Keen not to let their fans down, the men needed to find a way to get there and luckily Flybe were able to assist.

This morning at 7am, the quartet set off from Exeter, taking the early morning flight to Manchester. They arrived in Glasgow at 9.50am and then it was onward to Stornoway with Flybe’s franchise partner, Loganair, touching down just after 1pm.

The journey took six hours and the men have been keeping the passengers and cabin crew entertained throughout each leg of the journey with some of their crowd pleasers, including the traditional Mexican hat dance and La cucaracha.

Pablo Aguilar, member of the Mariachi band, said: “We are so grateful to Flybe for its assistance with our travel problems.

“We were so keen to play in Stornoway but we thought there is no way we can get there in time. But it really has been a simple trip for us in the end.

“We have been more than happy to provide some in-flight entertainment as well, and everyone seemed to enjoy it – even at 7am this morning.”

Passengers and cabin crew have been involved in Mexican waves, dance auditions, Mexican Hat dancing and a final colorful face-off between traditional Scottish dancers and pipers when they crossed the border.

The journey will culminate with a Ceilidh this evening in Stornoway.

Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline, provides convenient, time-saving travel for both business and leisure customers. Its USP is being faster than road and rail – ‘The fastest way from A to Flybe’.

Martin Smith, marketing director at Flybe said: “We were more than happy to help our Mariachi friends in their hour of need.

“Thankfully with our wide range of onward connections, we can get people from A to Flybe without delay. We hope the band enjoy their visit to Stornoway and we look forward to welcoming them back on a Flybe flight soon.”