Unemployment figures

The latest unemployment figures for the Western Isles were released today (Wednesday 18th April) for March 2012.

For the Western Isles these are; 566 in March (3.5%), 583 in February (3.5%) and 554 in January (3.4%).

The number of registered vacancies was 26. Commenting on the figures a Scottish Government spokesperson said: “The UK Con-Dem Government’s austerity programme has produced a stagnant economy in the Western Isles.

“Reducing spending too far and too fast has served the Western Isles badly with over 560 unemployed people competing for just 26 job vacancies.

“Instead of this, economic growth must be built on getting people back into work, providing them with money to spend on local goods and services to revive the local economy. This is the progressive way forward for the Western Isles.”