UPDATE: Church of Scotland respond to congregation’s vote to leave

High Church, Stornoway
High Church, Stornoway

In a ballot organised by the kirk session, the congregation at Stornoway’s High Church has voted to depart the Church of Scotland over the controversy of gay ministers.

Numbers reported by local news outlets say 81% of those who participated in a ballot voted to split from the denomination; that the ballot saw 385 communicant members and adherents vote, with 313 people indicating they wish to leave.

A separate ballot is also being held by the Lewis Presbytery of the Church of Scotland.

Members have received ballot papers and the votes will be counted on Friday, November 22nd.

A spokesman from the Presbytery said it would not comment until the results of Friday’s count are reported to the Presbytery.

A Church of Scotland spokesperson said: “As Scotland’s national church we are committed to maintaining our presence in Stornoway.

“The Presbytery of Lewis is currently conducting its own official consultation with members and adherents who attend Stornoway High Church and the results of this will not be known until the end of next week.

“While respecting the views raised today, we must stress the consultation carried out by the Kirk Session is unofficial and not binding.

“Until the outcome of the official Presbytery consultation is known we cannot comment further on this matter.”