Vandalism spate

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A vehicle was vandalised September 18 between 7.10pm and 10.40pm. The vehicle was parked and unattended, the owner returned to find a front headlight smashed.

A vehicle was vandalised when left parked and unattended, September 18, between 10pm and the next morning. The incident happened on New Street.

Another vehicle was damaged when its wing mirror was smashed, again on September 18. It was parked at the east end of Francis Street towards Matheson Road.

Again, September 18th, between 10pm and the next morning, and in the same vicinity, a car owner found his vehicle to have had its wing mirror damaged.

A business on Lewis Street had two windows damaged overnight between September 18 and 19.

Police believe the above spate of vandalism may be by the same person/s. The police ask anyone who saw or knows anything about any incident to call 101 or visit their nearest police station.

They remind the public that vandalism has a real impact on people’s lives and on our community.