Vessel gone aground in Badcall Bay

The fish carrier Viktoria Lady went aground on a rock in Badcall Bay (about 20 miles north west from Ullapool) at about 10.50 this morning.

The SAR helicopter from Stornoway and Lochinver lifeboat were tasked along with Lochinver Coastguard Rescue Team.

There are seven people on board the vessel and the Lochinver lifeboat is standing by.

She has refloated and proceeded to anchor under her own power.

There is a water ingress into between the outer and inner hull but pumps are holding. There is no report of any pollution.

She is 1186 gross tonnage and is 53m long and flies under the Norwegian flag.

The SAR helicopter from Stornoway has left the scene now the lifeboat has arrived.

Lochinver lifeboat and the CRT remain on scene monitoring the vessel and checking for any pollution, none has been reported.

An underwater inspection of the hull will be carried out by divers.