VIDEO: Gallows Hill time lapse on longest day

The Stornoway Gazette’s weather correspondent Dr Eddie Graham took a time-lapse video at Gallows Hill in Lews Castle Grounds on the longest day of the year.

He set up a camera on Friday June 21st to capture the day which is supposed to have the most daylight.

Unfortunately the weather conditions were not ideal but as Eddie said: “The day was disappointingly dull, as the cloud never cleared the island (there were clear skies all day just 30 miles west of Lewis) and the weekend rains soon arrived later in the evening. As you can see, the clouds themselves were moving and whirling in quite different directions above the town throughout the day -also lots of haze and mist!

“But other than perhaps a few more boats in the inner harbour than normal, I would say overall it depicts a rather ‘normal’ day in Stornoway, little different from any other at another time of year.”