VIDEO: Harris Mod 2014 Gold winners

Schools may have closed and pupils rolls dropped but Mod na Hearadh 2014 proved the Harris youngsters are as talented as ever.

Starting on the evening of Thursday June 12th and continuing throughout Friday, June 13th, pupils from the islands’ two remaining schools – Sir E Scott and Sgoil an Oib – joined for competitions, performance and concerts.

Anish Toor took Gold in Chanter SGD26751

Anish Toor took Gold in Chanter SGD26751

Taking place in Sir E Scott school, on Thursday evening competitions saw the Primary and Secondary Psalm Precenting medals given out; as well as the Primary and Secondary any age group Solo Singing contests held.

Then a busy day on Friday hosted competitions in Singing and Poetry Recitation, Storytelling and Conversation, Prose and Bible Readings, followed by instrumental contents in Keyboard, Accordion, Chanter and pupil’s own choice of musical instrument.

And Friday evening saw the Prizewinners Concert take place with turns from both schools’ Primary and Secondary Folk Groups, as well as Primary Action songs, Junior and Senior choirs and a Short Sketch by Sir E Scott pupils.

Speaking of the success of the 2014 Harris Mod, committee chair Calum Mackay said: “We’re very pleased at the level of participation by pupils in the local Mod despite the decline in pupil numbers and recent closure of smaller schools in Harris.

“The level of Gaelic singing and music was again very high and the community in general here still continues to support the Mod,” Mr Mackay went on.

He added: “We’ve held a Mod here every year since 1978 and we hope it continues for a long time yet.”

The Stornoway Gazette brings you all the Gold Medal winners of the Harris Mod 2014.

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