VIDEO: Hebrides Haulage Hero

A quick thinking Hebrides Haulage driver prevented what could have been a serious accident on the A82 recently and has since been named ‘Knight of the Road’ by the board of HGV Direct Ltd.

Forty six year Bob Rennie, who works for the island-based family firm, was driving his lorry near Luss when he noticed the car in front of him was veering from side to side and crossing into the line of oncoming traffic. On footage recorded by his mobile phone on the dash board of the lorry, the car is seen to swerve dangerously close to the safety barrier and right across the road.

Being an experienced driver, he realised something was very wrong and decided he needed to act quickly to prevent a serious accident.

He sounded his horn and put on his hazard lights to alert other drivers to the danger and took action to overtake the car and usher it safely to the side of the road.

It turned out the diabetic driver was suffering low blood sugar levels and was suffering a seizure at the wheel.

Bob, from Glasgow, said: ‘When I saw someone was in trouble, I just used what means I had to help them,’ he said. ‘I’m just grateful that the man and his wife went home to their family and nobody was hurt.’

On stopping the car, Bob stayed with the couple until an ambulance arrived and has spoken to the man since who phoned to thank him for his assistance.

On their website, his employers Hebrides Haulage paid tribute to their driver and said: “ The incident was widely acknowledged on social media groups and has since been picked up by National Media. Bobby has been overwhelmed by the support from everyone and to his credit says: “It was just a day’s work for me...”. Thank you Bob for your efforts and for helping make our roads a safer place!”

Take a look at Bob’s video taken by his phone set up on the dashboard.