VIDEO: Husky hike up Ben Nevis

A Harris woman is taking a lead role in helping unwanted Sled dogs and recently took part in a hike up Ben Nevis to raise funds.

Laura Aird is Scottish Co-ordinator for Saints Sled Dog Rescue which has helped to rehome more than 100 dogs so far this year.

She said: “Saints started up in January and became a registered charity around six months later. Currently we have had just over 130 dogs through our doors. The reason for starting was a lovely little husky called Lucky who is now renamed Athena. She basically had been born with a deformed leg and was going to be put down by the breeder as she couldn’t be sold.”

The dog was taken in by another volunteer and with the charity set up, Lucky’s surgery was paid for.

Laura added: “It is a sad fact that these dogs are now bred for their looks but people cannot handle their character and so dump them or sell them on from eight months onwards. I currently have one called Bear whoseowner just let escape. He would have been put down if a rescue had not stepped in.”

Laura has fostered seven dogs in her own home but has helped to find a new home for many more across Scotland.

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