VIDEO: Liam Aitchison's father says: 'No family should have to endure what we have'

Liam Aitchison's father spoke of the family's grief over his brutal murder and said 'no family should have to endure' what they had gone through.

Norrie Aitchison spoke outside the High Court in Glasgow today (Monday) where Johnathan Mackinnon and Stefan Millar were found guilty of his murder after a trial lasting more than three weeks.

He said the verdict would now finally allow Liam to 'rest in peace' and bring some closure to the family.

"We have never been able to properly grieve for our beloved Crazy Diamond," he said. "His death brought great sorrow to all communities in the Western Isles. We are extremely grateful for all well wishes received from so many people."

He added: "Liam was extremely popular and loved by his family and many friends. He had an outgoing personality and a heart of gold. We have no doubt he would have made a huge success of his life."

He said Liam's murder had had a 'devastating effect' on the family.

"We think of Liam every hour of every day and we have not been able to mourn his death."

He said Liam had fought to defend himself but that he 'didn't stand a chance against the violence he came against that night."

"No family should have to endure what we have, the cowards who robbed our Liam of his life and his future should never be allowed to see the outside of a prison again."

Johnathan Mackinnon and Stefan Millar (both 22) are due to be sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh on June 28th.