VIDEO: Olympic Torch Relay in Stornoway

The Olympic Torch was carried through the streets of Stornoway this morning (Monday) and was given a warm island welcome.

Large crowds lined the streets including hundreds of school children from across the Western Isles.

The Torch visited the Callanish Stones early this morning but unfortunately blew out in the breezy conditions.

A further flame was lit but also went out and organisers had to return to Stornoway to relight the torch.

The video shows the Torch being carried out of Lews Castle Grounds on its way to Smith Avenue running track for the ceremony.

Pictured is first torchbearer of the day Eilidh Mackenzie as she leads the Relay out of the Comhairle offices.

Also pictured is a representative from the Olympic team with the Mother flame.

More pictures and videos to come on the website today.