VIDEO: Sandwick community concerned about new turbine plan

Sandwick Community Council are concerned about possible plans by Scottish Water to erect further wind turbines near the Iolaire Monument.

There are already ten turbines at the waste water facility at Holm and Scottish Water have indicated plans to install more. A planning application by Scottish Water was rejected by the Comhairle at the end of last year for additional turbines but the Community Council understands that Scottish Water are looking at this plan again.

The community of Sandwick would like a public meeting to be called so that Scottish Water can explain their plans for the future.

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: “Scottish Water needs a significant amount of electricity to provide our services to customers, and last year we commissioned 10 turbines at Stornoway Waste Water Treatment Works, to help reduce energy costs.

“We are planning to have discussions with local elected representatives about the possibility of re-submitting a planning application for some additional small-scale wind turbines. These would be located further away from the monument than the existing turbines.

“At this stage no decision has been made as to whether an application will be re-submitted.”