VIDEO: Search goes on for missing Alison

A £20,000 reward is being offered for anyone who can help find a young island woman who went missing in India 34 years ago.

Alison MacDonald, a former Nicolson Institute pupil, was just 19 when she vanished on a backpacking trip to the Kashmir region in 1981 but her devoted parents Rev Kenny and Rita MacDonald have never given up hope.

A �20,000 reward is being offered for information.

A �20,000 reward is being offered for information.

A Facebook page was set up last year which has been widely viewed all over the world but still no new details have come to light.

Rev and Mrs MacDonald have now had an Age Progression image created of Alison by forensic artist Hew Morrison in the hope that it may lead someone to recognise her.

Alison was a second year history student at Aberdeen University when went missing.

She was on a holiday with a friend but after going on different trips for a few days, the alarm was raised when she failed to return to the hotel and collect her belongings.

Alison’s parents have spent the last three decades searching for their daughter, who they firmly believe is still alive.

In 2007, Interpol officials asked the police to reopen the case after RevMacDonald sent a CD to them containing an interview with the leader of an Islamic terrorist group operating in that region, as it had been remarked that he spoke English with a Scottish highland accent and used phrases that could have been taught by someone from this area.

The MacDonalds believe that Alison could have been kidnapped and may still be alive.

A poignant video was made about Alison’s disappearance and also the creation of several songs which have been recorded in her memory to raise funds for Bethesda hospice in Stornoway. To view the video visit To find out more about the efforts to find Alison visit or