VIDEO: SNP hold Western Isles seat in General Election

The SNP have retained the Western Isles seat with Angus Macneil taking 8662 votes.

Second was Labour’s Alasdair Morrison with 4560. Third was the Conservative candidate Mark Brown with 1215 votes, the highest Conservative vote in the Western Isles since 2001.

Fourth was the Scottish Christian Party candidate John Cormack and fourth was Liberal Democrat candidate Ruaraidh Ferguson.

The turnout was 73.4 per cent with 44 spoiled papers.

Mr Macneil said: “This in indeed a big night for the Scotland and a massive night for the SNP.

“Tonight if Labour win at Westminster, Scotland has leverage; if the Tories win at Westminster, Scotland has moral authority. We have this because we have voted SNP across Scotland. This is a vote to end austerity, a ruinous economic policy and something of hope for those in England too, the SNP are very cognisant of our friends in England. It is also, don’t mistake it, a mandate for full fiscal responsibility for Scotland. To enable Scotland to end the austerity I’ve just talked about and follow the path of sense.”

Alasdair Allan MSP has congratulated Angus MacNeil on “an outstanding result for an outstanding local MP”.

Mr Allan said: “This morning’s result in the islands is tribute to the work Angus has put in for the last ten years, both in the islands and in Westminster - and I offer my warmest congratulations.

“The result is the highest majority achieved by any party in a Westminster election since Donald Stewart’s win in the autumn of 1974.

“It comes on a morning when the SNP looks set to sweep the board across Scotland. Although only the second seat to be declared, it is clear that constituencies throughout the country are endorsing the SNP’s positive vision for Scotland, and delivering an unprecedented result.

“The islands’ voice is going to be heard at Westminster- and so is Scotland’s.”