VIDEO: Start of NY2SY North Atlantic Solo Row

Today he is off! Thursday, June 5th, at 3pm [8pm BST] Niall Iain MacDonald will depart New York to row 3,400miles back home to Stornoway.

After over a week of unsettled weather causing delay, the NY2SY Solo North Atlantic rower announced the launch of his epic challenge in the early hours this morning on the NY2SY website

3pm New York time and 8pm Island time today Niall Iain and Alliance Trust depart

3pm New York time and 8pm Island time today Niall Iain and Alliance Trust depart

He said: “The low pressure that was situated a couple of hundred miles east of New York, and which was generating the easterly winds, has moved out into the North Atlantic Ocean sooner than was forecast at the beginning of the week.

“I now have a clear weather window in which to finally begin my row and make good headway out into the ocean.”

Niall Iain will leave Liberty Landing Marina in ocean rowing boat ‘Alliance Trust’ and make his way out down the Hudson River to reach open water.

Explaining on the website, he continued: “Once I am past the route that the Staten Island ferry plies back and forth, I will start to cross over to the east side of the bay and will pass under the Verazzano Bridge that spans the entrance to New York harbour.

“I will be leaving at high tide and, if I time it correctly and stick to the course outlined, I hope to get taken out and away from New York on the ebbing tide.

“The first 36 hours will be critical to ensure that I get out of the harbour and make decent progress out into the ocean. The following days will also be hard rowing as I try and get as far away from land as quickly as possible.”

You can track Niall Iain’s progress through the website

And prior to his departure, Niall Iain recorded a farewell message to Gazette readers and viewers from the ‘Alliance Trust’ rowing boat berthed at Liberty Landing Marina, check out the video above.