VIDEO: Stormy weekend with more to come

The Western Isles were battered by two more storms this weekend but the winds were not as strong as feared.

Hurricane force winds that could have hit yesterday (Sunday) moved away from the islands and headed for the Faroes where gusts of over 100mph were recorded.

Ferries were cancelled this weekend

Ferries were cancelled this weekend

In Stornoway maximum gusts were 70mph; in South Uist 71mph; Sula Skerry 75mph; Fair Isle 70mph; and Lerwick 78mph.

Stornoway Gazette weather correspondent Eddie Graham warned the rest of this week could be an action replay of the weekend with frequent squalls, heavy rain and gales and possibly further storms on Thursday (December 19th) and again on Sunday December 22nd and Monday 23rd.

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Ferries were cancelled all weekend and a powercut hit the whole Western Isles this morning.

Take a look at our video of some wild seas at the Braighe yesterday. Music by Faram.