VIDEO - Storytelling chair captures life on the Isles

The Western Isles and their inhabitants have inspired a storytelling chair designed by a student from the University of Dundee.

John Thomson, 22, whose parents are from Lewis, named his chair the ‘Hebridean Storyteller’, which uses technology to bring island stories to life for anyone who takes a seat.

Harris Tweed isn't the only yarn spun on the Hebridean Storyteller.

Harris Tweed isn't the only yarn spun on the Hebridean Storyteller.

He said: “I’ve always been fascinated by the stories that my parents told me about the islands.”

He hopes the chair can bring the stories of the islanders to life, giving the user an insight to what life is like living on an island on the edge of a nation and a continent.

In November, John made the trip over to Lewis where he asked locals for their own stories about the islands. He then recorded them for the chair.

A concept video can be viewed on the Gazette website, which leaves the viewer in suspense of the stories it will tell.

“I hope that it does come across as being a cliffhanger and not just an awkwardly abrupt finish.” John said, “Hopefully, it might encourage people to want to experience the chair for themselves and hear the rest of the story.”

The Hebridean Storyteller will be exhibited at the DJCAD Degree Show in Dundee, from May 16th to May 25th, and the New Designers Expo in London, Islington, from June 29th to July 5th.

After London, John hopes the chair will end up in the Western Isles, as he said: “It’s something that I am really eager to do since, after all, it was the island itself and the people who live there that inspired me to do this project and I’d like to share it with them and hear their thoughts on it.”