VIDEO: Talking Independence with Channel 4’s Jon Snow

“Emotionally and practically it would be an amputation and diminutive of our identity,” says Jon Snow on the topic of Scottish Independence.

The Channel 4 News presenter is passionate about his desire for Scotland to remain in the UK, but this week he’s been discovering what islanders think about ‘the big question’ as Channel 4 News broadcast a live Independence feature from Stornoway harbour last night (Wednesday, April 30th).

Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow broadcast live from Stornoway harbour last night

Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow broadcast live from Stornoway harbour last night

“I’m not against Scottish Independence,” Jon told the Gazette, speaking prior to the live broadcast. “Scotland will win either way. If the Independence vote doesn’t win there will have been so many people who voted Yes that Scotland will have to have devomax [the plan by which the Scottish Government controls all except defence and foreign affairs].

“It should have devomax already,” he continued. “It speaks volumes about how Britain is ruled; how centralised it is even south of the border. The disillusion Scots have of the Westminster government is shared by many people across England.”

And Jon hopes that delivering a national news programme from the Western Isles will spur more people south of the border to find out what they would lose if Scotland becomes an independent nation.

“It’s surprising south of the border just how many people are completely ignorant of this part of Scotland,” he expanded. “They aught to know what we’re about to lose, they aught to care and have a view – and people who do, and who love Scotland like me, feel hugely emotional about this.

“When Kate Moss stood up and spoke on behalf of David Bowie, said ‘Stay with us’, I had a tear in my eye. We need Scotland!”