VIDEO: Tesco report success of Stornoway’s new dotcom service

The launch of Stornoway Tesco store’s online grocery shopping service has proved extremely popular in its first week.

The supermarket starting taking orders last week with the first deliveries being made on Tuesday.



Store Manager Kevin Poke said: “We are thrilled by how popular our new dotcom service has been with the local community.

“The majority of our delivery slots for this week have already been filled and we are now looking to expand the number of available slots for the coming months. We have had a number of positive comments from our customers who appreciate the flexibility and convenience provided by the new service.”

Delivery charges offered to island customers are on a par with mainland prices.

 Online grocery shopping is increasing in popularity across the country with other supermarket chains like Waitrose reporting a 50 per cent increase in home shopping customers. Online orders account for around one in 20 weekly shops while sales are growing at around 15 per cent a year.

Residents on Barra also make use of an online shopping service offered by Asda through their Govan store with deliveries made to the island each week. Asda also work with couriers to deliver to the Lewis, Uist, and Harris and are looking at rolling out a home delivery service.