Video - Western Isles Election Declaration

It was a long night for the General Election Western Isles candidates awaiting the results of their efforts from the campaign trail.

Boxes arrived at the hall at Lewis Sports Centre, Stornoway at 10.18pm and counting got underway, very soon afterwards, early indications showed that the Scottish Labour candidate Ealasaidh Macdonald and SNP candidate Angus Brendan MacNeil were neck in neck in the race for Westminster.

The count got underway at 10.18pm

The count got underway at 10.18pm

There was also a good indication that Scottish Conservative candidate Daniel McCroskrie was set to have a good night.

Whilst activists kept their beady eyes on the counting tables supporters analysed the information that was trickling in and there were more than a few tense faces, however as Thursday crept into Friday morning there was some indication that the SNP were beginning to pull away.

The ballot boxes from the Southern Isles arrived at the counting hall at 1.40am and it was to be these votes that decided the result.

In the end the SNP candidate Angus Brendan MacNeil held the Western Isles seat with 6013 votes, comfortably ahead of Scottish Labour candidate Ealasaidh Macdonald, on 5006.