Vikings return to Hebrides for Tattoo

The Vikings will return after 1,000 years
The Vikings will return after 1,000 years

The Vikings are returning to the Western Isles after 1,000 years to take part in one of Scotland’s Year of Homecoming events in Stornoway!

Forty Shetland Vikings will land at Cuddy Point on August 8th and take control of Harris Tweed Hebrides Tattoo 2014 Tatu Innse Gall.

The Jarl Squad 2014 from Shetland represent the Up Helly Aa Fire festival which is held in January in Lerwick and is the largest Fire festival in Europe. 

They have now been confirmed for this summer’s Tattoo and will join eight pipe bands, including six times World Champions Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, at the event organised by the Stornoway Amenity Trust.

A spokesperson for the Squad said: “The Jarl Squad are delighted to be invited to the Harris Tweed Hebrides Tattoo 2014 Tatu Innse Gall and are very proud to bring the Vikings back to Stornoway and the Western Isles after many years (around 1,000 years to be precise). We are looking forward to helping celebrate the Tattoo and to enjoying the famous hospitality and further cementing the friendship between Shetland and the Western Isles.”

This year’s Jarl Squad chose to base their suit on a simple black and white theme, the suits were hand made for all 63 squad members over the previous year, each suit costs £1500. The leader of the squad is the Guizer Jarl Ivor Cluness, he has spent the mandatory 15 years on the Up Helly Aa Committee before earning the right to be Guizer Jarl which is a huge honour and a massive personal commitment for Ivor and his family. It is traditional for the Jarl to base himself on a famous Viking warrior and Ivor picket the most famous of all Viking berserkers Ivar (The boneless) Ragnarsson, who was a Danish Viking Chieftain who rulled over several countries.

Tattoo Hebrides will also feature the extremely popular Sambayabamba group; local dance groups; island pony and riding clubs and at the Saturday evening’s Grand Concert there will be performances by Julie Fowlis, The Lochies and the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band in concert.

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Full line up

Simon Fraser University Pipe Band; Northern Constabulary Community Pipe Band; Lewis Pipe Band; Isle of Skye Pipe Band; Uist Pipe Band ; Sgoil Lionacleit Pipe Band; Strathaven and District Pipe Band; Ullapool and District Pipe Band

Lynn Maclean Dancers; Sharon Mackinnon Dancers; Barra Dannsa; Uist and Barra dancers; Claire Wilson dancers; Sambayabamba; Pony and Riding Club display; Gaelic choirs; Firework display.

Grand Concert 9th August

Sambayabamba; Dannsa Rathaid; The Lochies; Gaelic choirs; Julie Fowlis and band; Simon Fraser University Pipe Band in concert.