Vodafone upgrade to fix broadband

Last week the Gazette reported on a number of complaints about broadband internet service provider Hebrides.net.

As a part of the Connected Communities network, Hebrides.net provides broadband internet to rural communities in the Western Isles, however customers have complained about a deteriorated service.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise Innse Gall, who lead the project, placed an order with Vodafone in March which will effectively more than double their existing capacity for Hebrides.net customers.

This is expected to solve the problem, which is around capacity (backhaul) from the mainland to the islands.

Vodafone have confirmed that they are upgrading their link to the islands which involves ongoing work on both the islands and mainland, with hopes to complete it soon.

Despite the lack service that some Hebrides.net customers are experiencing they are still being charged for the contracted connection speeds that they are reportedly not recieving.

Hebrides.net have not commented.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “Customers who are affected should refer to their terms and conditions and complain to their provider where they believe the provider has not met the terms of the contract.

“Customers affected could potentially seek redress or compensation if this is applicable.

“If the complaint remains unresolved or reaches deadlock the customer may refer their complaint to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme.”

The ADR scheme in place is run by CISAS. Information is available on the Ofcom website to those with internet access.