Warning about Tarmac Gangs

TRADING Standards officers at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar are warning householders about agreeing to unsolicited approaches from tarmac gangs that may be operating in the Western Isles.

A council spokesman said: “Householders need to be aware of the dangers of agreeing to unsolicited approaches from traders.

“While some doorstep sellers are honest and legitimate, there are also some who target people who they feel will be easily fooled and intimidated.”

Tarmac gangs tend to operate in the following way – someone knocks on your door claiming to be working in the area and that they have some tarmac with which to surface your drive at a cut price rate.

They often state that they have been working for the council and have the tarmac left over.

The work done may be of poor quality and the final bills are often far higher than what was originally quoted. Experience has shown that a few months later, when there are weeds coming through the tarmac, the traders have vanished with little hope of finding them.

Trading Standards officers advise householders to display a sticker on their door saying ‘No Doorstep Traders’. Stickers are available from the Comhairle’s Doorstoppers webpage: www.cne-siar.gov.uk/doorstoppers/index.asp