Warning issued for Storm Henry

The Met Office has issued an Amber, Be Prepared warning for high winds across parts of Scotland this afternoon from 3pm through until Tuesday 9am, as Storm Henry is set to arrive.

The worst of the conditions are expected in the Highlands, Strathclyde and along Western Coastal areas with wind speeds of up to 90mph forecast in some exposed areas.

The Western Isle Emergency Planning and Coordinating Group (WIEPCG) is advising people not to travel during these times, due to the risk of wind gusts of 80-90 mph, also very large waves are expected, which may lead to over-topping and localised flooding of coastal roads.

The public are also reminded that an overlapping Yellow warning is also currently in place for wind between 6am on Monday 1st February and 6am on Tuesday 2nd February. Gusts of 60-70 mph are anticipated quite widely, with gusts to around 80 mph possible, particularly in exposed parts of the northwest.

Again the public are advised to plan appropriately for this weather and consider the necessity of any travel during this period.

For updates on weather alerts, power utilities, travel and flood warnings the public are advised to listen to local radio and to visit the following websites for the most up to date information:

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