Watch your water waste

WITH water sources in the Western Isles and Skye depleted by low levels of rainfall this summer, Business Stream, Scotland’s largest supplier of non-domestic water and waste water services, has provided more than 450 free water efficiency packs for businesses and public bodies in the region.

Despite heavier than normal rain in the rest of Scotland, the Western Isles and Skye have experienced lower than average rainfall, meaning local sources have suffered falling reserves.

Craig Watson, customer services’ general manager at Business Stream, said: “Locals in the Western Isles and Skye might be surprised to learn that water reserves have suffered in recent months.

“While it is likely the area’s rainfall will eventually return to normal, it’s vital that supplies are maintained over the short term, so it is important that local organisations consider how they use water and if they can use less until sources recover.”

In an effort to help highlight efficient water management, Business Stream pro-actively supplied all 180 customers in the area with water saving kits.

The company then followed up with local organisations and a further 270 packs were requested by 40 percent of customers.

Mr Watson continued: “Our water efficiency packs are extremely useful in helping customers increase efficiency but there are a range of measures which can also be quickly implemented to help reduce water consumption.

“Our website has tips and advice which can add up to make a real difference,” he added.

Organisations in the Western Isles and Skye can cut water use by introducing measures like:

Installing water-saving hippos; plastic bags that are quickly installed in toilet cisterns and reduce the water needed for each flush.

Find and repair leaks; a bathful of water is wasted everyday through leaking pipes.

Turn off taps properly; make sure taps are turned off tightly to avoid dipping water waste.

Use a bucket instead of a hose; for washing windows or cars, use a bucket and sponge instead of a power washer or hose and conserve water.

Aerate your taps; quick to install, these save water when you need to wash dishes for example.

More water-saving tips can be found at