Water issues in North Uist

Water had to be tankered from the Lochmaddy water treatment works to the Bayhead treatment works yesterday (Wednesday) due to disruption to the power supply.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “Due to the heavy weather in the Highlands and Western Isles, the Teangue water treatment works on the Sleat peninsula, Skye, has been temporarily taken off line. The issue is with the pre-filtration of raw water, which is of exceptionally poor quality following the recent weather.

“To ensure we continue to provide a supply of water to local residents, Scottish Water will be tankering water into the system. The use of tankers will continue until the water treatment works is back online and the tanks that supply customers have filled.

“Scottish Water is aware that there are concerns amongst the community with regards to plans to upgrade the water treatment provision in the area. To maintain open dialogue with the community, Scottish Water has contacted the chair of the community council to ask if they are willing to meet with senior managers from Scottish Water to discuss their concerns. We are currently awaiting a response.

“Due to a power outage last night on North Uist, it is necessary for us to tanker water from the Lochmaddy water treatment works to the Bayhead water treatment works. It is currently anticipated that we will be doing this all day today (Wednesday) until we can restore power and reinstate the treatment process.

“For both locations, customers should notice no change to their normal supply.

“We want to apologise to our customers for this inconvenience and we also want to thank them for their patience as we move water between facilities with the tankers. We are aware that the presence of the tankers is an unwelcome disruption and we are working around the clock to restore normal service.”