Welcome for Gaelic plan

The Government’s Education and Culture Committee has broadly welcomed a wide ranging plan to promote Gaelic but still has concerns about its overall strategy and priorities.

The Committee has responded to the draft National Gaelic Language Plan 2012-17, which is currently being consulted on by Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

Convener of the Education and Culture Committee, Stewart Maxwell MSP, said: “We welcome the Bòrd’s draft Plan, which is an ambitious one. However, its full and effective implementation will require greater focus and coherence, along with close partnership working between the Bòrd and the bodies that will be responsible for putting it into practice.

“The Committee is concerned that the Plan is so wide-reaching and broadly focussed that it is currently difficult to identify an overall strategy and to determine the most important priorities.

“We recommend that further thought be given to establishing what the key priorities for the Bord are between now and 2017 and how these are to be achieved, particularly in the current financial climate.”

The Plan is broken down into six themes: Home; Education and Learning; Community; Workplace; Arts, media and heritage and Corpus planning.