Welcome scheme for cruise visitors to Isles

Stornoway Cruise Group is launching a ‘Welcome Scheme’ this cruise season to try and entice cruise passengers and crew to spend more time and money in the Outer Hebrides.

The Welcome Scheme will involve local businesses and facilities offering cruise visitors an incentive to use their service.

This incentive could be anything the business sees fit, from a free gift with purchase to a discount on the price of goods.

The Welcome Scheme was previously rolled out for crew members during the Tall Ships Races last year when it was known as the ‘Passport Scheme’.

Feedback received about the initiative has been positive and it is hoped that trialling a similar scheme geared towards cruise visitors will not only provide an enjoyable experience for them, but also boost local business.

The cruise industry is of great importance to the economic development of the Outer Hebrides.

Research shows that each cruise passenger visiting the islands contributes approximately £100 to the local economy.

Stornoway Cruise Group wants to increase this figure, while also providing visitors with a warm and friendly experience of the island, so that they will want to come back again for a proper holiday, benefitting the whole of the Hebrides.

The scheme would allow participating businesses to have complete control over the kind of incentive they offer cruise visitors and they would then be featured on a map given to the cruise visitors on arrival in port so that they know how to find them.

For more information on the Welcome Scheme and to register for participation, local businesses are advised to contact Stornoway Port Authority on 01851 702688 or email