Western Isles Bible Conference

Rev. Prof. Robert Rodgers.
Rev. Prof. Robert Rodgers.

The sixth annual Western Isles Bible Conference is due to take place in Stornoway this coming weekend. The Conference, which is hosted by the Stornoway congregation of the Free Church (Continuing), takes place from 8th to 10 June at Stornoway FCC, Sandwick Road, Stornoway.

This year’s speaker is Rev. Prof. Robert Rodgers, from Bangor, Northern Ireland. As well as pastoring in Baptist congregations in Northern Ireland, he has exercised an extensive teaching Ministry both in the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe.

He is currently Principal of Cramner College. This institution seeks to promote biblical and reformed theology without compromising to the demands of modern academia which tend to expect students and teachers to approach biblical studies as they would any other subject, and not from the standpoint of a robust personal faith.

In addition to teaching and pastoring, Prof. Rodgers has also served as the Governor of Crumlin Road Jail and the Maze Prison during the troubles in Northern Ireland. Whilst engaged in this work, he was often able to witness to hardened terrorists and had the joy of seeing some come to a living faith in the Lord Jesus.

The theme of the Conference will be Biblical Designations of the Church. Various names given in Scripture to the Church will be considered. Prof Rodgers will give five addresses.

Friday evening (7.30pm) is given over to The Israel of God. Saturday (2pm and 6.30pm) will be on themes The Ecclesia and then The Bride of Christ. Finally on the Sabbath (11am and 6.30pm) the themes are The Temple of God and Jesus, the only Saviour.