Western Isles Council’s goose number fears

The lack of funding for greylag goose management schemes in the future is of serious concern to Western Isles Council given the high numbers of greylag geese in the Outer Hebrides.

In reponse to the 2010 Review of Goose Management Policy in Scotland the Local Authority stated that they felt th lack of resources for goose scaring in the future will be disastrous to areas such as the Uists where the greylag goose population is resident all year round and growing arable crops is vital for the internationally important and unique machair habitat and its associated species.

Funding for the Uist Greylag Goose Scheme is currently included within the EU LIFE+ Conserving Scottish Machair Project and is secure only until 2014.

Councillor Uisdean Robertson said: “There must be a case for retaining schemes that help maintain crofting agriculture and the communities it supports while at the same time securing wider biodiversity benefits.”