Western Isles MSP welcomes commitment to free education

MSP for the Western Isles,Alasdair Allan has today welcomed an announcement made to parliament this afternoon by Education Secretary, Michael Russell, that the Scottish Government will be implementing its election promise to keep university education free for Scottish students.

Dr Allan, who is one of the ministers in Michael Russell’s department, commented: “I believe that the Government has done the right thing today for students and their parents in the Western Isles. Today’s statement is unambiguous. Scottish students will not be paying fees for tuition – a policy now accepted by all parties in Scotland, except the Tories.

“Funding this commitment is no small task, but we are determined not to put further and unmanageable debt burdens on Scots graduates. The average Scots graduate currently has less than half the debt of their English counterparts but graduates in England are likely to see those debts now soar with the introduction of fees there of up to £9,000.

“I know that families in the Western Isles, which has a long tradition of sending people to university, often make sacrifices to pay for their children’s education. We have to reduce that burden and I hope that today’s announcement goes a long way to achieving that.”