Western Isles MSP welcomes Council Tax freeze

Western Isles MSP, Alasdair Allan, has welcomed the news that the Scottish Government have agreed a further year’s council tax freeze with all of Scotland’s councils. The Scottish Government agreed the full allocation of local government funding for 2011/12, which includes preventing council tax rises for the Western Isles.

Alasdair Allan commented: “This is excellent news for hardworking families and pensioners in the islands. In 2011/12 the SNP Government are providing the resources to ensure that people are paying no more than they did in 2007 for their council tax.

“While the council tax doubled under the Tories and Labour, and went up by an incredible 82% in the islands over the years when Labour were in power in Scotland, the SNP freeze is helping hard pressed families during tough times. Continuing the freeze will bring real benefit to household budgets.

“This past week has also seen the Labour party forced into a humiliating u-turn which has seen them change from being totally opposed to a council tax freeze to grudgingly accepting it. They recognise the benefits which this policy, brought in and supported by an SNP Government, has had for the people of Scotland. The SNP goes into this election committed to maintaining this freeze, and has a record to show we are committed to this.”