Western Isles patients reminded about parking arrangements

NHS Western Isles is reminding members of the public that new car parking arrangements have been introduced at Western Isles Hospital, Stornoway with specific parking spaces available to all patients.

A token operated barrier system was launched on December 6, providing 32 patient-only parking spaces.

This is intended to improve parking considerably for patients, following on from the modernisation and expansion of the car park earlier this year.

The patient-only spaces are available to any patients with an Outpatient appointment, patients attending the Accident and Emergency Department, patients attending clinics, or any patients who do not have letters but have an appointment at the hospital.

For those who are unfamiliar with barrier parking, please note the following:

* To enter the patient-only area of the car park, approach the barrier slowly. The barrier will be closed, but will open as you approach it.

* Enter the patient-only car park, park your vehicle and continue to Western Isles Hospital for your appointment.

* On your way out of the hospital, after your appointment, present your appointment letter at reception. The receptionist will give you a token. (If you do not have an appointment letter, the Department you are attending will either provide you with a token or written confirmation of your appointment that you should present to the receptionist, to receive a token).

* Enter your vehicle and drive up to the barrier. Slot the token into the mechanism adjacent to the barrier as indicated on signage.

* The barrier will lift to allow you to leave the car park once the token has been entered.

Those visiting the hospital are asked not to park on kerbs or double yellow lines, as this could obstruct other vehicles.