Western Isles pupils raise cash for Mary’s Meals

Pupils at Sgoil Lionacleit will be holding a week of events to raise awareness of the work of Scottish-based charity Mary’s Meals.

Today (Monday 10 October) is World Porridge Day which Mary’s Meals use as a celebration of a traditional Scottish dish and the chance to raise awareness of the work of the charity which feeds over 500,000 children worldwide each day.

The activities happening at Sgoil Lionacleit are:

Monday 10 Oct - Assembly for S1 and S3 with a power point presentation provided by S3. Fr Michael MacConald speaking on the topic of Caring. The oat bake sale.

Tuesday 11 Oct - Lionacleit’s got talent (show) admission fee - donation

Thursday 13 Oct - Strip the Willow involving the whole school with music by the feis group. Bucket collection.

To many in the UK, porridge is a hearty breakfast, but to over 479,000 school-children in Malawi who receive a daily mug of maize-based likuni phala from Mary’s Meals, it is a powerful incentive to go school, and the only reassurance that they will get something nutritious to eat each day.

Mary’s Meals provides a daily meal to chronically hungry children in a place of education to attract them to school, where they can get an education which could lift them out of poverty in later life.

It costs Mary’s Meals just £6.15 to provide a daily meal to child for a whole school year.

Abeer Macintyre, Head of Supporter Care for Mary’s Meals, said “World Porridge Day gives people a chance to eat porridge on that day as a show of solidarity for children whom it is the only meal of the day – and they’re the lucky ones.

“I think it’s a really vital message that something which is a simple breakfast over here can mean the difference between getting an education and not getting one for a child in Malawi.”