Western Isles residents invited to SNH reception

Local people in Lewis are being invited along to an evening reception held by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) in the Woodlands Centre, Stornoway, at 7.30pm on Thursday 17 March 2011.

The purpose of the evening is to provide an opportunity for key local people to meet informally with some of the board and senior staff, and to enable people to discuss issues of mutual interest.

Scottish Natural Heritage is the Scottish Government’s advisor on the management, enjoyment, understanding and sustainable use of Scotland’s wildlife, natural habitats and landscape.

Andrew Thin, SNH chairman, will host the event, along with the local adviser Iain Mackinnon, and local area manager David Maclennan.

Andrew Thin said: “The evening will provide an opportunity for informal discussion about the work of SNH in the area, what we do and why; giving people the opportunity to raise issues relating to the natural environment which are of interest to them.

“This is about making senior people in SNH more accessible to the public and is also a really useful way for us to keep in touch with public perceptions of the organisation. We certainly hope many people will be able to come along and we look forward to meeting them on the night.”

The event is free and light refreshments will be provided. Further information is available from Christine Moody of SNH at 32 Francis St, Stornoway; 01851 05258.