Western Isles spared the worst wrath of Storm Abigail

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Abigail’s winds raged, travel was disrupted and schools cancelled but the Stornoway Gazette’s weather correspondent Dr Eddy Graham says the region was actually spared the worst of the weather risks.

He said: “Although a potentially potent storm, it appears that the Western Isles in general were spared the worst of weather risks posed by the first significant windstorm of the season, named ‘Abigail’.”

He gave us the lowdown on the statistics of the storm:

Maximum windspeeds measured across the Northern and Western and NW Highlands were:

Stornoway Airport: 73mph

South Uist: 84mph

Sule Skerry 79mph

Bealach na Ba (above Applecross): 98mph

Lerwick 81mph

Dr Graham added: “The storm did bring very heavy rain for several hours on Thursday, resulting in spot-flooding around Stornoway town. Abigail has also ushered in much colder air today (Friday) with squally showers of hail and sleet likely to continue, with the first of the winter snows likely to lie on the hills.

“The weather outlook remains mostly unsettled and cool for the coming week, though it won’t be quite as stormy.”

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Pictured is an image from the rain radar which shows the storm rain clouds advancing over Stornoway yesterday.