Westminster candidates put on their running shoes!

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The political race for Westminster is officially on the starting blocks this week and the Western Isles candidates will also be racing to the finish line, they confirmed today, that they will collectively take part in a local upcoming 5k to prove their physical fitness for office - and as a bit of fun.

The race between the political hopefuls will also be beneficial to national charity ‘Federation Of Oral Legends’, who actively promote traditional storytelling.

Talking about the preparation for the race Labour candidate Alasdair Morrison, said: “I wish them all the best of British…..”

During the event the runners will be sporting their party’s colours.

SNP participant Angus McNeil, says he thinks there will be great support from the public: “I will stop at 2.5k to do some press-ups to give others a chance!”

Western Isles Lib Dem candidate Ruaraidh Ferguson is determined to put in a good effort and come out ahead, he said: “Training has gone very well and having the centre draw is undoubtedly an advantage over the other candidates starting positions of the left or right.”

Whilst Tory candidate for the Islands Mark Brown knows a conservative approach is likely to reap rewards: “As an old rugby prop, I might be built for comfort instead of pace, but I’m determined to be the candidate who gets first past the post in this epic race.”

The starter’s gun for Westminster has been fired, but which of the Western Isles candidates are fit enough for the job? Will this endurance event help us separate out the field?

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