Where’s Wally? - help bring Wallace the parrot home

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A £100 reward is being offered for the return of a much loved pet parrot who went missing from Bruernish on Barra last Friday.

Wallace, an African Grey Parrot, flew out of his home and hasn’t been seen since - but there is the possibility he could have reached another island by now.

Owner Morag MacNeil says Wallace has been hand reared and is very tame and the family just want him to come home.

“We are just devastated,” she said. “He really is very much part of the family.”

Describing more about him, she said: “He is only seven months old so he isn’t talking yet but he does whistle, wolf whistle in fact, and he loves crisps.”

She added that he was seldom kept in his cage inside the house and was able to fly freely but on this occasion, the door was not closed properly and he flew out.

“Initially he landed on my husband,” said Morag, “but then he just soared.”

She said she had put up posters all over Barra and she and her husband had walked for miles to no avail and no one had reported any sightings making her think he may have gone further afield.

“I have been in touch with the Parrot Sanctuary and the local vet and it is a possibility that he could have gone further,” she said.

They have been told to leave Wallace’s cage in the garden with some food and hope he comes home when he’s hungry.

“We are so attached to him, we just want him to come home,” said Morag appealing for anyone who sees him to get in touch.

He is silver grey, has bright red tail feathers (on the underside of his tail), is hand reared, tame and has a blue metal ring round his leg.

There is a reward of £100 for his safe capture/return.

If you have seen him please contact Morag or Colin on 01871 890 777 or 07794 751 255.