Whisky Galore – Canna House shows off its SS Politician whisky haul

editorial image

Fiona McKenzie, archivist at the National Trust for Scotland’s Canna House, has shared this picture of two bottles of whisky recovered from the SS Politician which grounded off Eriskay 75 years ago (5th February).

It is thought that only eight whisky bottles remain, but it seems that this does not include the Canna examples.

Fiona said: “According to the previous archivist, the bottles have ‘always been at the house’. She was here from the 1960s and that’s well before the diver brought up eight bottles in 1987. So looks like we may have two bottles that are not included in the official stats.”

In 2013, two bottles of whisky from the ship sold at auction for over £12,000. There are no plans to sell the Canna House whisky.

The picture also shows a Jamaican bank note and cigar box from the wreck.

Canna House was gifted to the conservation charity in 1981 by John Lorne –Campbell. He and his wife Margaret Faye-Shaw were dedicated to the study of Gaelic culture and the house is filled with artefacts, music and more collected throughout their lifetimes.