Unseasonably warm and sunny weather in the Highlands and Islands has caused the Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service to again remind members of the public to be particularly vigilant whilst outdoors.

Wildfires are already becoming an issue on the islands as this recent picture taken by a reader illustrates. The picture shows a fire on the moors beyond the Lochs area, possibly north Harris.

And on Saturday 24 March 25km of heath was on fire and attended to by the Stornoway Fire Service.

A statement released by the fire service urges people to follow the advice available on their website and stresses most fires they attend could be avoided if the advice was followed.

Deputy Assistant Chief Officer, Billy Wilson said: “We would ask members of the public to ensure that no unnecessary burning of garden waste or rubbish is carried out in periods of very dry weather, such as we are experiencing at present, particularly when windy. If in doubt, please ‘Don’t start a fire’.”

For information and fire safety outdoor guidance visit the Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue website at http://www.hifb.org/Home