Wind monitoring masts for Stornoway Wind Farm project

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The successful installation of Lewis Wind Power’s wind monitoring masts marks an important milestone in the continued progress of the Stornoway Wind Farm project.

Three masts, one standing 50 m tall and the other two at 70m, have been erected at Melbost and Branahuie, Sheshader, and Sandwick East Common Grazings.

Thanks to successful cooperation with local crofters and assistance from a local contractor, the masts are now fully operational and are providing the project with valuable wind speed data. It is anticipated that the masts will be operational for up to three years.

John Buswell, LWP Project Director, said: “The erection of these new wind monitoring masts will help us collect new data on wind speeds. This will help us ensure that we can maximise the efficiency of the wind turbines when they are erected.

“I wish to particularly thank the local crofting community for their support and co-operation in the planning and implementation of this mast installation work.”