Woodlands Centre gig marks debut album launch

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Stornoway musician ‘Neosa MacKinnon will release his debut album this week, marking the occasion on Wednesday with a gig at the Woodlands Centre.

The album, titled ‘Pleased To Meet Me’, follows the successful release of his EP earlier this year and will be available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and Deezer from Wednesday.

Physical copies of the album will soon be available in local shops in Stornoway and Barra, where ‘Neosa is from.

‘Neosa said: “I’ve been making the album for 14 months. I started in May last year and I have just been going at it hammer and coals ever since. You just keep improving it and improving it. Eventually I just had to put a date on finishing and now I’m as happy as I’m ever going to be.”

‘Neosa has been a professional musician on the mainland for about 12 years. He moved back to the islands in May last year and at that time wasn’t involved in any musical projects.

He continued: “I told myself I’m going to do what I wanted to do since I was 15 years old - as soon as I got back I started writing and I released a digital EP in April this year.

“I’m a songwriter first and foremost. One of the songs on the album I wrote when I was 17, nearly 20 years ago, I recorded it and people liked it so I thought I’ll put it on the album.

“Most of the stuff on the album is acoustic. I don’t want to say easy listening, but it probably is; it’s easy listening pop.

“I do most of the vocals, but any time I can get someone else to do vocals I grab them.

“At the gig on Wednesday at the Woodlands Centre I have got a female vocalist coming up from Glasgow, Natalie Masterton, who also plays piano on few tracks. You know you get those people who are really talented and you kind of hate them, she’s one of them.”

Also joining ‘Neosa on stage will be bass guitarist Callum Alistair MacLeod and lead guitarist Calum Blane. The set will be opened by renowned guitarist Iain Forbes.

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