Worst December on record

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December 2013 looks set to be confirmed as the wettest and stormiest month since records began in Stornoway in 1873.

The Stornoway Gazette’s weather correspondent Dr Eddie Graham of Lews Castle College said the last few weeks had been the stormiest period the islands had experienced in more than 20 years but may even break the record for the stormiest ever.

On Christmas Eve the lowest pressure in 127 years with the value of 936.8hPa (millibars) was recorded at Stornoway. That was the lowest value measured anywhere in the British Isles (Britain and Ireland) since 1886. It beats the previous value of 937.6hPa recorded on 20 December 1982, also recorded in Stornoway.

Look out for Eddie’s weather column in the Stornoway Gazette in January or keep up to date on his blog at http://uhi-mahara.co.uk/user/view.php?id=111