Young Lewis choir launch debut CD

Còisir Òg an Rubha from Point on the Isle of Lewis launched their debut CD ‘Seinn’ at the weekend at Ionad Stoodie.

The talented youngsters became one of the most successful junior choirs on the Scottish Gaelic music scene in recent years.

In their eight year history, the choir have had numerous wins and success at the National Mod, and have gained a reputation for their tight musicality, creativity and expressive singing.

For Seumas Mactaggart who led the choir from the start and recently passed over the reins to Màiri MacLeod, it’s a simple recipe: “Hard work, commitment and fun are at the heart of the choir’s success. It’s like anything in life if you’re enjoying it makes it all the better.”

As the choir has developed, so too has a confidence and musical culture with many of the children have gone on to sing solo and duet, and are also playing instruments and involved in folk groups.

The 23 tracks on Seinn are a fitting celebration of their talent and their music.

The choir would like to thank Cath Fish for all her support with the young groups, and also Keith Morrison and Wee Studio for his enthusiastic encouragement to all!

They’d also particularly like to thank Stornoway Wind Farm, and Point Community Council for their financial support with the CD.

Looking to the future, if any young Rubhachs are interested in joining, the choir would be delighted to welcome them as they work towards the National Mod here in Lewis in October.

All proceeds from the sale of the CD will go to Bethesda, local charities, and choir funds.

The CDs are currently for sale for £9.99 at different outlets across Lewis and Harris – amongst them the Bethesda Shop, the An Comunn shop, Buth an Rubha, Engies, Delights, and An Lanntair, and it will be online soon on Amazon as well.

Pictured at the launch of the CD with David Morrison from Stornoway Wind Farm.