Young people lead in Baha’i public talk

The Baha’i faith community of Lewis have invited aspiring young people to deliver a presentation on the Role of Young People in Today’s Society.

Calum Macdonald, Jack and Anna Johnstone, and others, will look at different realities which shape diverse circumstances at a free, public talk, in An Lanntair arts centre tomorrow evening.

The youths will also discuss how to bring about constructive change and a capacity for meaningful service to society as the presentation examines topics like the ‘Period of Youth’; ‘Early Adolescence’; ‘Fostering Mutual Support’; ‘Youth and Community Building’; ‘Contributing to the Advancement of Civilization’, and ‘Dynamics involved in Youth’.

The topics were covered last August at the London Youth Conference, which Calum attended. And the young people speaking this week all a free that youth should have noble goals, high aims, positive spiritual attributes and brilliant motives.

They said: “Destructive behaviour comes about because the youth don’t have the tools to be happy. Some youth lack confidence which leads to reduced expectations.

“We have to channel the energies into positive attitudes and high aims.”

People of all ages, especially youth and those who work with young people, are invited to this unique presentation by Calum, Anna, Jack and others to discuss a mighty, transforming process that will yield, in time, to a global civilisation reflecting the oneness of humankind.

The Youth talk takes place on Friday, March 21st, 7-9pm, at An Lanntair. Admission free.