Youth council is true example of community

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Barra Youth Council have been doing some excellent work highlighting the needs of their community, and achieving some lightning fast results.

The youth council this week expressed its thanks to the Education Department for fixing the lighting in the Games Hall at Castlebay Community School.

No small matter, the new lighting means that students can play their games fully and continue to show the importance of exercising.

The youth council have also been undertaking a consultation helping to collate the views of young people in their area about what improvements are most needed.

Sixty people were consulted and the keen researchers’ uncovered some substantial statistics.

Nearly 40 percent of people interviewed in the study named mobile phone and internet coverage as their primary concern, with 34 percent saying they’d like better sports facilities.

When asked what would the community better to live in, the key areas identified by the youths were better transport links to the mainland and improved recreational grounds.

Not content with stopping there, the youth council also met with their local MP, Angus MacNeil to discuss their petition for an all-weather sports pitch.

They are also going to work with a charity called ‘Fixtures’ which helps 16-25 year-olds raise issues that affect them.

Ms Katie Denehy, community learning and development worker said: “The young people of Barra and Vatersay have highlighted issues and made a real difference.

“It is a delight to work with them in helping raise issues and helping them turn aspirations into reality”